Thursday | March 26 | 2015


Do you have a getaway? I didn’t until recently. I never thought of it to be so important for myself. The ana journey isn’t just the struggle [to lose weight], it’s also finding YOURSELF. Tbh, I’ve learnt more about myself than I thought. I always thought in my bed, with my headphones on was my getaway. I mean for some people it is, right? Well, not for me. This may or may not sound weird but my getaway is the sauna. The one place I’m in silence, I can turn off my phone and relax. Up until recently I started using the sauna after workouts at the gym. I was always the claustrophobic person who couldn’t stand small places, filled with heat. Omg, it sounded TERRIBLE. But sweating is really good for your body (I do recommend trying it out- sweat those calories out!!). Now I can’t get enough of it. My mind isn’t on whether I’m hungry or not, it’s not on my weight, it’s more relaxed when I’m in there. Now after every workout, I MUST sit in the sauna for a little bit. Perfect way to get my mind off reality for a little while.

 If you didn’t find your getaway yet, I hope you do.





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