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One of the hardest things to control when you’re pro ana is the urge to binge. It can happen at the most random time, when that craving becomes unbearable and you are just dying to give in. Happens to the best of us, it’s inevitable. It always seems like it’s easier to just forget the worries you have, lose your self control, and binge for that moment. Trust me, i know. I’m not going to sit here and judge you when you do binge, i’m not going to tell you what a stupid mistake that was because regrets will always be regrets. Instead i’ll say, just remember a little something; a moment on the lips, forever on the hips. Ask yourself, so will it be worth it? Will it be worth it when you go up another size in jeans? Will it be worth it when you’re uncomfortable and tugging on your already loose t-shirt? No. I know it won’t be. So hun, just put down whatever has brought you to your knees. Stand up, you can do this, You can fight this. Do you know how strong you are? I know how strong you are. Go have some carrots, a banana, an apple, some fruit, something healthy. You CAN do this. We can do it together.

The binge is not worth it.



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