I haven’t posted in a while, I know. The reason is because I’ve been feeling like such a failure. I’ve had a couple people email me questions and as I was answering them I just felt like complete shit. Didn’t stick to my ana diet at ALL these past couple of weeks but now i’m back, along with summer. The suns out and you might as well call me cellulite Sally, it’s disgusting. I never used to be THIS disgusted in wearing shorts and I am SO ashamed of my body. I hate myself more and more each passing day. I know not to expect myself to shed lbs and lbs by the end of the month but hey, at least I can work on myself. That’s what this whole blog has begun to shape towards; finding myself. I think it’s the most difficult part of life, when you’re stuck between growing up and staying young, and if you were to grow up then who would you grow up to be? I still have a lot of questions about life myself. But, after having a few conversations with the probably 2 or 3 people that read these blog posts, i’ve promised myself not to give up. SkinnyMini17 is back on her mission to find her(skinny)self. Hopefully round 2 goes better because this is going to be a completely unplanned hell of a ride.

More posts, more frequently and no more “falling off the wagon” (;




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