This girl somewhere in the world is lost. Isn’t it crazy how much this whole weight thing can take up your brain? Your thoughts, constantly roll back to the numbers on the scale and the skin on your stomach. I think it’s a natural reaction for my hands to be constantly tugging at t shirts, always pulling them because of this concept of being fat. I HATE IT. I hate it so much. 99% of my confidence has definitely gone down the drain. When I started this blog I thought I’d be able to make a change, you know? Not some huge difference but for the couple people that read this and email me, I thought I could be more inspirational. But i stumble upon every step I make, and I find myself falling head first into the ground each time. I feel like a fuck up [excuse my language]. But, it’s true. I came to terms with myself though. I had to be honest with the fact that it is so hard to find what seems like the perfect version of yourself. I know perfect doesn’t exist, but it was the only word I can use that explains it so perfectly. I’m a human, I make mistakes and I just hate admitting to them. I need to come to terms with myself and start to, I guess this is a step? I wanted to talk all about my accomplishments on this blog, I mean my weight loss accomplishments but that would be a lie. With accomplishments, there are also failures. Step up, admit to the failures, recognize them, accept them, and move on from them. That’s how you learn, am I right?

Do you, boo




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