Mirrors Don’t Lie

Tell me what you see when you look in the mirror. No, seriously, leave it in the comments or email me or something. There’s no shame here.

I can’t understand my mind. It’s everywhere all the time. Food just can’t be on my mind. Binge, fast, binge, purge. What a fucked up routine. Nothing but comparing yourself, comparing that girl in the mirror. That’s what I do. The girl in my mirror is so ugly, I’m ashamed she lives there. Why is she there?

I hate her. I hate her for being who she is. I hate that that’s who everyone sees when I’m with my friends. The feeling of guys always choosing your friends and never looking at you. Always a second option. Never the first.

No one likes the girl in the mirror. Not me, and i’m sure you won’t either.


I hate the girl in the mirror.



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